Saturday, September 8, 2007

Birthday Present 2007
I had been talking about it for a while, but I was still surprised and thrilled when Cass presented me with a gift certificate to Acme Ink before our awesome meal at 211 Clover Lane. She also found the perfect design of what I had been going on and on about. So, about a week later, with certificate and drawing in hand, I went to my scheduled appointment, alone. I had been contemplating shoulder or bicep, maybe smaller, but in the end, I went for it. I couldn't be happier with it.
And now for the three questions everyone asks. 1) yes, it is real 2) yes, it hurt like hell and 3) well three is "why" and that one is a little more complicated. There are a lot of "kinda about this" or "my feelings on that", but they all hinge around my love of food (and pig especially), my proclivity for things Southern, and my commitment to the career path I am following (no corporate golf outings with this baby). I also think of it as a reminder of the
undeniability between what we eat and where it comes from, a kind of slow food mandela.

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janet said...

well I love tatts and I love pork and I think you should take up the drums. Lol, and I just thought of an interesting food/cocktail recipe. How would you do this! Take salt and cure a piece of pork, then finely crush the salt to superfine consistency, rim a glass with the salt.Make a salsa from tiny bits of the pork with hot peppers and tomatoes. Fry some of the pork to be crunchy, use the salsa on the pork chip for garnish, like pork rinds or whatever they are called, lol again. Put your favorite tequilla in the salted glass with ice, then sip and munch, or if you want it as a shot, then shoot and crunch. It will be called Mark and Jerrys, could be the biggest thing since icecream, ya all know what is good!!!!!!!!!!!