Friday, November 2, 2007

Southern Foodways Last Night

Why yes, that is a magical bacon forest. What were you expecting?
Note the "real" smile on Todd Richards (vs. some pr pictures) flanked by Elizabeth Moore and Tom Freeland.
The Rising Star Fife and Drum Band
OK, one more bacon tree picture.

Southern Foodways Alliance

2007 Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium "Year of the Pig"
Cass with "Rathead" Riley @ the City Grocery Bar.
Hangin' with Hugh Acheson of Five & Ten in Athens, GA
On top of the bus, heading to Taylor Grocery with whiskey in hand.
The catfish mecca that is Taylor Grocery

SlowFood Bluegrass

That's me cheesin' with Wendel
l Berry and Alice Waters on the same night!
The left picture is Wendell Berry (future Nobel Prize Winner, in my not so humble opinion) between me and Chef Todd. The right, of course, is Alice Waters who has the most intense way of looking at you. The event was held to raise money for the SlowFood Bluegrass chapter.